Custom-Built Walk-in Cooler & Freezers in Dallas, TX

At Restaurant Headquarters we understand the value of high-quality restaurant equipment. We know that in order to maintain a safe kitchen operation, it’s imperative that you work with experienced manufacturers. We take pride in the fact that our craftsmen design lasting high-standard restaurant equipment. We work with you to design and implement the most robust custom-built walk-in coolers & freezers in all of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. Whether you’re searching for outdoor or indoor coolers and freezers, we can design what you need. Our custom solutions make it easy to turn your walk-in freezer ideas from concept to reality.

Our custom coolers and freezers offer many options that help keep your kitchen operation running smoothly. We work with high-standard, technologically advanced materials that save you time and energy. Choose among a variation of different helpful features, such as convenient remote options and two compartment units that make it a breeze to store food in bulk. Food safety is a major priority in any restaurant or other food service establishment. Our systems can be built with additional shelving, doors, handles, and other accessories that help ensure your food is stored safely.

Shopping for the best custom-built walk-in coolers & freezers in all of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, can be tough—especially when you’re in the early stages of design and not entirely sure where to begin. Let our experts carefully walk you through our dynamic process. We work with you to help bring your ideas to life.

If you would like to obtain a quote on a custom sized cooler, please respond to the following questions. Please allow 2-3 days for your quote to be processed, please allow a lead time of 3-4 weeks or more. (Please note this form is only needed if you need custom dimensions for your cooler/freezer other than the fast ship options that we have available on our website.)